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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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About Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is a company designed by former smokers with a commitment to produce the finest smoking alternatives that we would be proud to utilize ourselves. Mig Vapor sells the highest quality components available in the market for e-cigs, oil, wax and dry-herb vaporizers. We have produced some of the longest lasting products on the market. We know what smokers want when switching to an electronic cigarette. If you are looking for an enjoyable, realistic alternative to cigarettes we invite you to try our products and experience the difference our technology and our desire to please has to offer.

We always keep in mind our commitment

We sell the highest quality components available in the market for e-cigs and vaporizers.

We bring innovations to the industry

We have produced one of the longest-lasting e-cig batteries on the market, which means you can vape a lot longer between charges than with the other brands.

This Is Us – Guys Behind Mig Vapor

DRay Moorman - Founder and CEO

DRay Moorman is a former smoker who immediately recognized the potential of e-cigarettes. He started his first business following his education at Texas State University. From making deals with Sam Walton to Donald Trump, DRay has done it all in the business world. As a life-long entrepreneur, DRay brought his decades of business expertise to the vaping industry. His first order of business was to develop a better battery. And that better e-cig battery became just the first of Many Mig Vapor vaping innovations over the last six years.

Melissa Burgos - Chief Operating Officer

Melissa Burgos graduated from Miami Norland Senior High Schools and then attended Ashford University in San Diego. In her four years in the e-cigarette and vapor industry, Melissa has quickly ascended the ranks and is now Mig Vapor’s COO. She has worked in multiple areas in the industry and brings a 360 degree understanding of every facet of vaping. Melissa supervises all departments and has been key to the growth and success of Mig Vapor.

Michael Gibbs - “Big Mike” - Vapor Bar Manager and Lead Mixologist

Michael Gibbs AKA “Big Mike” has been with Mig Vapor for 3 ½ years, 2 of which he has spent managing our signature Vape Bar where Mike as well as his assistant Ajay spend their days developing flavors, processing orders and testing mig vapor products. When he’s not mixing some of our finest flavors, Mike enjoys making music, as well as playing video games.

Sean Walker - Assistant Customer Service Manager

Sean Walker is an experienced, multilingual customer service professional who speaks three languages. Sean speaks English, Italian, and Portuguese. A graduate of IISPSC (Istituto Istruzione Superiore Piero Sraffa Crema), Sean holds a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management. He has quickly adapted his remarkable skill-set to the vaping industry. Born and raised in Italy, Sean is an artist at heart who enjoys writing as well as listening to and playing music.

Theo Davis - Returns Department Manager | Wholesale Shipping

Theo Davis is the returns department manager. One of the benefits of buying directly from an authentic American vapor company is security knowing Mig Vapor stands by our products. Including a 30-day guarantee. Theo has been in the vaping industry for five years and joined Mig Vapor in 2018. Also, Theo is the manager of all wholesale shipping operations. He loves his work and is absolutely tireless. Theo’s hobbies include electronics, robotics, and roller-skating.

Chris - Merchandising, Inventory, and Purchasing Manager

Chris has been with Mig Vapor for two years and quickly established himself as a go-to guy who can do almost anything. Now as manager of merchandising, inventory, and purchasing, he has developed strong expertise in all styles of vapor products. Chris brings a wealth of work experience to Mig Vapor. He started working in a family business at 10-years old and currently owns part of a car restoration business with his brothers. Chris gets things done.

Adrian - Retail Shipping Manager

Adrian joined Mig Vapor in 2018 and very rapidly worked his way up to retail shipping manager. Our shipping department is an extremely busy and complex environment. Adrian ensures that everything runs like clockwork. His product knowledge and materials handling experience ensure that every Mig Vapor customer receives their orders quickly as well as expertly and securely packed. Adrian’s hobbies include art, architecture, and he is an avid tattoo enthusiast.

We Run Our Company Being Demanding Consumers Ourselves.
Here Is Our Story: How It All Began and How We Designed Our Perfect Electronic Cigarette

That’s how it is, Mig Vapor was started by former smokers – people that switched from smoking and started vaping. We tried many brands and enjoyed the freedom from buying cigarettes and the smell of smoke, but we always had something to complain about with every brand we used. However, we loved vaping and didn't want to go back to smoking standard cigarettes.

One day we decided to experiment with mixing flavors and talked about problems with the batteries and different components. Since we have electronic engineering backgrounds – this became a fun and challenging endeavor. First, we talked about the battery life and power. The Battery seemed to become weaker with each puff, sort of like diminishing returns. So, we did what any group of electronic geeks would do... We tore the batteries apart for a look inside.

We quickly realized that the problem was twofold. One, the batteries were different power specifications from one company's batteries to the next. (This means that some batteries are simply weaker than others.) It’s like comparing a car battery to a flashlight battery. Obviously, the car battery is more powerful.

Next, we looked at power control. The Electronic Cigarette needed a power control board. In simple terms, it is an electronic board to correctly measure the power leaving the battery and heating the atomizer (the thing that makes the vapor in the cartridge). By adding the board we could ensure the power going to the atomizer is a high voltage from the first puff, to the last puff until the battery is depleted.

We felt like we had hit on the right design mix, so after some phone calls and design conversations with a great manufacturing company, Mig Vapor was born.

With a power board added, the battery had to be made a little longer to house the new board, but then we had the perfect 4.2 voltage high output e-cig battery!

We also added the push button; it was our group consensus that we liked the push button better. Why? Well, think of a cigarette when it is lit, it has a fire on the end. The fire is ready to go! E-cigs aren't ready to go, you have to puff then ignite the mechanism and wait for a second for vapor. We didn't like the puffing and waiting. We wanted vapor power for a good throat hit – we wanted instant gratification. So, with the added button activator we had hot wonderful vapor the same time we puffed! Therefore, we had made the perfect electronic cigarette.

We Insist That You Rely on Common Sense if You Consider Vaping

That's our story and oh yes, one last thing, if you don't smoke, please don't start vaping. Nicotine is addictive. So, please don't start! Also, no device we sell is intended for tobacco plant use.

Read our disclaimer on our website in the footer. If you're sick or pregnant or have any health issues whatsoever don't use our products. If someone else thinks you have health issues don't use our products. Consult with your physician before trying any of our products. These products are not intended for anyone under the smoking age of 18. These products may contain nicotine, which is identified by California Proposition 65 as a chemical, which causes birth defects in pregnant women. Be smart and do your homework before using any of our products.

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