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The All New
Mig Vapor Bug Rx
One Oil Vape Pen to Rule Them All
When you see this small, stealthy oil vape, you will love it! We packed everything we could in this phenomenal refillable, oil vape pen starter kit. Designed for women and men alike as well as people with dexterity issues. With the opening so big it is easy to fill with your favorite oils thick or thin. The Bug Rx is available in 2 different colors. Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology, you'll be amazed by the quality of vapor and flavor this vape produces. The coil is replaceable and sold separately.
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The MigVapor Bug Rx
Something for Everybody: The Bug Rx will make your life easier. With our new removable coil and easy to fill tank you will be in heaven.The Bug Rx is available in silver stainless steel and smooth touch black. We have something for everybody! The designers at Mig Vapor took both aesthetics and functionality into consideration when creating the Bug Rx. Break free from the tiny hard to refill cheap cartridges of other vapes by choosing the one that you have always been waiting for, The BUG Rx.The Rx is super-easy to use; it produces the amazing quality of vapor. This vape pen even comes with a magnetic cap to hide that it is a vape pen and protect you from possible vape oil leaking into your purse, pocket and or car.
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22W of power with a 1.2 ml tank! Available in 2 different colors, featuring advanced stealth and unique safety features (like magnetic topper to prevent leaking) this vape starter kit will be your favorite vape for a long time!
The Starter Kit Includes Everything You'll Need:

  • 1 Bug Rx 1100 Mah Battery
  • One USB Charger
  • One Bug 1.2 ml Vape Tank
  • One Stealth Antileak Magnetic Cap
  • One 1.2 Ω Atomizer Coil
  • Very Cute Gift Box

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Most Recent Customer Reviews:
  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Okay for Starters or Newbies

    Bought a black Bug Rx at my local Vireo Health dispensary in Queens, NY. First week I burned through a syringe (1000mg/1g) of Vireo branded Yellow (6:1 ratio). Now, this pen does not have any adjustable voltage features like on most mini-batteries. However, the flavor produced from the Vireo Yellow and Red distillate (had to buy another syringe, but of Red this time about 2 weeks later) are top notch! Be sure to adjust the air holes on the mouthpiece and DO NOT cover it with your MOUTH! I made that mistake a time or two, then took a pull.......Whew!!! Burnt my throat and those terpenes were toast! Wish PharmaCann (use Matter Blue 20:1 carts) made distillate filled syringes I could use in this mother of ALL MOTHERS! I am a newbie to MMJ, but have vaped for a while, then quit until my medical conditions (auto immune, spinal stenosis, mental health and loss of a loved one) worsened.

    You won't regret this purchase as this is a powerhouse! The cashier person told me "that thing is serious". I am a believer now!


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Bug Rx

    Bought this pen after watching a review, for the money I'll try one. Unboxed it well made easy to clean and fill plus fast shipping.



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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Best I’ve found.

    I haven’t tried every vape device out there but I’ve tried A LOT! This is clearly a superior device. I now have four of them because each has its own different contents. When I had one go bad it was quickly and painlessly replaced and the woman the helped me was excellent and highly knowledgeable.
    The Bug RX costs more then the massive number of cheap devices out there but in the end its cheaper because it lasts and always works.
    I no longer have to swop out a bunch of cheap junk “pens” to get one to actually work.


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    The best there is!

    The Bug Rx is by far the best vape pen that I have ever owned!
    Well built and always dependable.


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Best Vape Pen on the Market

    I probably have purchased over 10 Vape pens. This pen is by far the best. This is a high quality pen that is well built. I would highly recommend


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