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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Bangers | Dab Tools

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Confetti Dab Tool

Our all new Glass Confetti Dab Tool is a great addition to any collection.This dab tool turns your average session into some to celebrate about.
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Reactor Core Quartz Banger with Carb Cap

Best Quality Quartz Banger The Reactor Banger with Carb Cap included.
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Gavel Quartz Banger

High Quality, standard Gavel Quartz Banger for your legal essential oils.
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Gavel Core Quartz Banger

Great Quality Gavel Core Quartz Banger it has an awesome two tone look and its gavel core is great for low temp usage of your legal essential oils.
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25mm Quartz Banger

High Quality standard 25mm Quartz Banger. It's considered to be an old reliable piece stable and works the same every time. Great for the most experienced user down the a beginner.
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28mm Carb Cap

This Quality 28mm Carb Cap is great and fits properly on most rigs and bangers. Its swiveled tip makes for great circulation of your product.
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35mm Colorful Carb Cap

This awesome colorful 35mm carb cap makes any banger look like an art piece. Sold in a variety of colors to personalize your collection just for you.
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Glass Broadsword Dab Tool

The extremely cool Broadsword dabber tool is every great adventures best friend. With it's blade and hilt you'll be ready for any legal essential oils laid out in front of you. Alongside the Dagger Dabber Tool. Collect the Dabber Tool Adventure Set today.
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Glass Dagger Dab Tool

Best Quality Glass Dagger Dabber Tool is a great piece for any glass connoisseurs collection alongside the Broadsword Dabber tool this is great for any legal essential oils. Collect the Dabber Tool Adventure Set today.
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Magic Wand Glass Dab Tool

The awesome Magic Wand Dabber tool is a great piece for everyone who uses legal essential oils. Feel like a wizard when pulling out this dabber tool.

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Glass Crayon Dab Tool

The coolest Crayon dabber tool on the block. Comes in a variety of colors. Can you collect the whole set?
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