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The MIGI PRO 510 Cartridge Oil Vape pen battery comes ready to add your cartridge and go. This Micro design is the ultimate conceal 510 battery. But there is more ! The MIGI PRO has a battery power meter, 3 choice heat settings and magnetic connector and MIGI PRO will tell you if your cart is bad. The colors look amazing and totally cool. It's available in Black and Gray, and Red. Rock your MIGI and have a blast! *TANK SOLD SEPARATELY WORKS WITH ALL CART TANKS
This device is designed to be used with the finest prefilled 510 cartomizers and atomizers. The MIGI PRO battery device is designed for California, Washington and new York and Colorado as well as many other states that sell prefilled cartridges. Now your Oil that's so darn valuable can be enjoyed like a killer glass of fine Irish Whiskey. Ok details: This will absolutely work the the canna-blast tank. Mig Vapor Skunk Works is hard at work to bring the the most enjoyable and damn good quality vape that you have come to expect from Mig Vapor products. Get on your Miggi Pro! TECHNICAL INFO: Size: 60*36*20mm Battery capacity: 650mah Material: Aluminium Alloy+ABS OLED Screen size: 0.49 inches Working voltage: 3.5V-4.0V Output power: 7-12W Thread: Magnetic 510 thread Resistance range: > 1.0ohm < 3.0ohm Charging time: 1hour
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3 quick clicks to adjust the voltage: 3.5V, 3.7V. 4.0V

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    very nice product

    I bought this product for my wife. She absolutely loves it.


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    Love it!

    Love how it gives a consistent hit each time!!


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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Great battery

    Very good quality for the price. Puff counter is a great idea. Real long battery life. Nice colors. Very happy.


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    Excellent product. Good price


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    I did the research for you!

    Researching items is something I really enjoy. This is the #1 U.S. based company I could find. I've used the MigiPro for about 3 weeks. This design caught my eye because of how discreet it is. A typical battery stick is longer and harder to conceal. This device is perfect for prefilled 510 thread cartridges. This can be used for prefilled CBD and Marijuana cartridges. It comes with a handy adapter to magnetically connect your cartridge with the device. Some devices require the cartridge to be twisted into the device directly.
    On a 2 hour trip, with my wife in the front seat, I took 20 puffs and my wife said she never knew. It can stay in the palm of your hand and you can act like you're yawning and sneak a puff.
    Great quality and design. Chargers superfast and lasts several days.
    My only question, with EVERY battery manufacturer, is how long will it last. To turn on almost all batteries, you must press the button 5 times. To turn it off, same thing. If I'm taking a rip and putting it back into my pocket, I could end up hitting that button 50 times during an hour. I wonder how long the button will last. If it lasts a year, I will he happy.
    There are the 3 typical heat settings(3.5-3.7-4.0). I recommend burning on the lowest level, 3.5.
    Shipping seemed to take forever, but that's because were used to 2 day Amazon Prime shipping. It was well worth the wait.
    I highly recommend choosing this over a riskier Groupon purchase.


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