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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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V2 E Cigs Cartridges Flavors & EX Blanks are Available From Mig Vapor

When V2 ecigs closed, their customer service refered every customer to Mig Vapor for a reason. We use the same recipies, and our devices are actually improved.

2 Cigs Closed, no problem for you. Mig Vapor has been selling device modeled after V2 cigs Carts or cartridges and v2 electronic cigarette flavors for years. Our Batteries and flavor cartridges are almost identical matches all the way, including up to the 4.2 volt batteries.

Our Clear fusion tanks are as good and actually better than the V2 EX blanks. The clear fusion and the clear Fusion Max will hit you hard. 

V2 Cartridges are sold out, we can help and you will love them. When V2 Cigs closed, there was little to no announcement. It led to many speculations. It really doesn't matter. People have grown to love V2 over the years. Our beginning was an almost identical ecig.

We added a IC chip to make the 4.2 volt power last virtually to the last puff before the battery died. Since our humble beginnings, we have been selling V2 customers for years. Our Red Zeppelin and Sahara as well as menthol and other flavors. We were absolutly honored as V2 customer service remained open as they refered people to Mig Vapor. There is good reason for that. Mig Vapor ecig products including the Mig Cig and Mig 21 Tank kit, by our customer reviews topped V2.

We are grateful for that.

So shop in confidence that Mig will continue where V2 left off for you all.

V2 EX Blanks? Our are actually better, check customer reviews.