Vanilla Cream Pie

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It is time for dessert! Listen, you have been very good and there is no need for guilt. Go ahead and indulge because the vapor satisfaction is going to be unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Mig Vapor Vanilla Cream Pie E-Juice embraces indulgence by capturing the delectably sweet, smooth and creamy vanilla cream pie flavor. Homestyle flavor and massive vapor.


Vanilla cream pie depends on the quality of the ingredients and the preparation. How you blend the eggs, make the cream and when you add the vanilla are all key to a delicious vanilla cream pie. Likewise, Mig Vapor Vanilla Cream Pie E-Juice is made the same way with only the best quality ingredients perfectly blended by true experts in their craft. Mig Vapor vape juice is made in a cutting edge lab right here in the USA. Staffed by actual professionals who are fully educated and qualified, our lab produces only the best juices designed for better vaping.

Best Vanilla E-Liquid

Would you like to see the dessert menu? The best vanilla e-liquid starts off with a pure vanilla flavor inspired by freshly extracted vanilla. That’s a great start, a pure vanilla taste just like you get from our Mig Vapor Vanilla e-juice. But then, we want to dessert it up a little bit. Let’s sweeten the recipe here a bit.


So we take the best vanilla e-liquid and make it even better by giving is some sweet pie goodness and then top it off with some super smooth cream! What we get is a vanilla cream pie flavor that is making my mouth water just trying to describe it to you. Mig Vapor Vanilla Cream Pie E-Juice is a vaping treat.


You have so many options with Mig Vapor Vanilla Cream Pie E-Juice. You pick the VG / PG ratio that suits your individual style of vaping. You choose the nicotine level that will give you full satisfaction. Order yours now and we will mix it and ship it fresh to your door.

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    Excellent flavor

    I’ve tried many different flavors mixing berries, whipped cream, tobacco, vanilla etc., but this is by far my favorite. It’s aromatic and lite while still having a full pleasant, slightly sweet taste. This is now my go to flavor!


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