WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vape Accessories

A complete line of vape accessories for your ecigs and vaporizers. E-cigarette battery chargers, drip tips, replacement coils, unicorn e-liquid bottles, e-cig cases you name it, we've got a variety e-cigarette accessories for you to choose from for your Mig Vapor e-cig.

28 customer reviews

1300 mah Variable Voltage Ego-Evod Twist eCig Battery

Mig Vapor 1300 mah Xtreme VV Twist Battery. For use with SR-72 TankX-v or X-5 tank as well as UFO V2 Tank
9 customer reviews

Morpheus Mod Battery

The Morpheus 3000 mah mod Battery is a power beast.This mod Battery is good for all Mig Vapor sub-ohm tanks.

Regular Price: $59.95

Special Price $49.95

16 customer reviews

Mig Cig V2 Power Cig Passthrough Battery

Mig Cig Power Battery with usb cable
142 customer reviews

Mig Cig Standard eCig Batteries

Manual is a battery that uses a push button to fire your Mig Vapor cigarette. This is the longest lasting pen style e cig battery--period. Over a year in design, Mig's smart batteries are simply the best... Period.The Standard battery good for mega puffs (depending on your hits). Our standard battery is almost double the power of the competition. This battery is a 280 Mah battery.
3 customer reviews

NEO Mod Battery

The Neo 4500 mah box mod is a vapor beast.This box mod is good for all Mig Vapor sub-ohm tanks.
43 customer reviews

Super Power Canna-Blast Batteries

More than a year in product design. The Mig Vapor canna-blast battery out lasts all competition, period. This battery is longer because it has a controller board and a high output powered battery thats beats any vape pen battery today. It also appears as a writing pen, alluding focus on it. All Mig Vapor batteries have this technology, it will give you full power from the first hit to the last. If your going out for the night, or just need it at home. The Mig Vapor batteries will keep you going strong. Choose manual or Automatic styles, and many colors to choose from.
265 customer reviews

Super Power Mig Cig eCig Batteries | V2 BATTERY

The Super Power Mig Cig eCig Batteries are your one stop shop for your Clear Fusion Tanks and eCig cartridges. Power and portability for the on the go vaper. V2 Compatible Cartridges
27 customer reviews

OIL 650 Battery w/ Charger for 510 Cartridges

OIL 650 battery designed for thick oil cartridges. Multiple power settings with pre-heat function. Charger included Free
42 customer reviews

Z 3 Temp Oil Cartridge Conceal Cartridge Battery

ZIGI is a simple version 3 temp Oil device. This model is a high output battery. Color options in neon for conceal battery from Mig Vapor.

Regular Price: $24.95

Special Price $12.50

98 customer reviews

OVP Oil Vape Pen Battery for Pre-Filled 510 Cartridges

OVP 3 Temperature Oil Vape Pen Battery
41 customer reviews

MIGI 3 Temp Oil Cartridge Conceal Cartridge Battery

The MIGI is a simple model 3 temp high output battery. There are many color options for this conceal battery from Mig Vapor. You can change between settings by click the on button 3 times. The three different temp settings are Green 3.5V, Blue 3.7V, Red 4.0V.
13 customer reviews

OVP-S Single Temp 3.7 Volt Oil Cartridge Conceal Battery

OVP S is a simple version of the OVP. This model is a single temp high output battery. 650 Mah capacity is leaps above the 280mah batteries. Difference? It will out last by double, the competition between charges.

Regular Price: $23.95

Special Price $14.95

8 customer reviews

CE3 510 Battery and Charger for 510 cartridges

The best cheap CE3 510 pre-filled cartridge battery and charger. 280 Mah Not For Use with Mig 21 or Clear Fusion Tanks

Regular Price: $7.95

Special Price $4.39

4 customer reviews

Mig 650 Ego-Evod

650 Mah Evod battery 4.2 volt power.

Regular Price: $12.95

Special Price $9.95

6 customer reviews

900 mah EGO-EVOD Battery

Mig Vapor 900 Xtreme Battery. For use with SR-72 Tank, X-v or X-5 tank, as well as UFO V2 Tank and ego threaded tanks.
21 customer reviews

SUB 40 | 40 Watt Mod Battery

Very powerful vapor can be generated because of the expanded range of output voltage. It has a strong spring connector and wear-resistant stainless steel thread. Moreover, the additional temperature alarm function increases safety. The size and the rounded edges feel great in your hands. The SUB-40 | 40W has a greater working range and battery capacity.
26 customer reviews

Mig Vapor Target Mini Mod Vaporizer Battery

Vapresso and Mig Vapor Target mini mod is a perfect vaporizer battery for on the go and stealth, fitting in a pocket or purse.
35 customer reviews

CE3 510 Complete Oil Vape Pen Kit


Regular Price: $9.95

Special Price $5.00

5 customer reviews

The Bug Mini eCig Battery

Replacement battery for the Bug mini vape mod,
1 customer reviews

Pro 50 Battery

Pro 50 Battery is a 50 watt Vape Mod that Institutes Quality, Form, and Power for all your e-juice, wax, or herb attachments. Add a base stand for your unit.
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