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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vape Mods

More vapor, less hassle. Our vape mods put technology to work for you. Mig Vapor sub ohm e-cigarette mods are designed to provide the ultimate vaping experience. No need to learn how to build coils, just screw on a sub-ohm coil, fill up you're ecig tank with e-juice and go!

160 customer reviews

Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

The Morpheus vape mod kit is our most powerful sub ohm kit to date. With 100 watts of power and capable of using our .2 ohm coils, this mod produces more vapor than you'll need but it's there if you desire it!
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WTF Target Mini 40 watt Mini Mod will make you feel like a rock star or it will just work as you need it to. It vapes like a beast. Trust us on this one and you choose your tank color. Relax and listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and just live.
163 customer reviews

The Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit Pink, yellow, black, purple, silver battery

The Bug Mini Mod is a powerful, miniature 1100 Mah sub-ohm vape mod and uses the latest technology with temperature regulation and superior performance in a mini e-Cig device. The Bug comes with a top fill design that makes it much easier to refill, as well as a concealing cap.
35 customer reviews

WTF Sub-40 Mini Vaporizer Mod

WTF SUB 40 Mini Mod will make you feel like a Kardashian, or not. Maybe A 21 Pilot or something very cool and it vapes like a beast. Trust us on this one and you choose your tank color. If you're older just enjoy Bono and chill.
89 customer reviews

Minion Vape Mod Kit

Are you looking for style and functionality? Then our powerful Minion Vape Mod Kit is for you. With a 30W battery and a 3ml tank, the Minion is a great companion for any vaper!
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