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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Dab and Wax & Oil Pens

Browse our best-selling wax dab pens and get one for yourself today! Mig Vapor holds patents and trademarks for the best oil, dab and wax pens. Compatible with shatter, crumble, wax concentrates and thick oil.

204 customer reviews

Mig Cig Basic eCig Starter Bundle

For the curious and cost-conscious. This is our most affordable ecig kit with disposable non refillable carts. ALL MIG-CIG RELATED PRODUCTS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH V2 E CIGS PRODUCTS
22 customer reviews

Herb-e Seven | Micro wax Concentrate Vaporizer | Herb-e 7

The HERB-E 7 is the smallest and most powerful wax concentrate vape pen. The 1200mAh battery will push how much wax you can vape. With up to 15 uses before requiring a recharge, our HERB-E 7 will allow you to vape wax when and where you want.
131 customer reviews

Dab Pen WASP Wax Air Vape

Ultra-compact and technologically advanced, the WASP Wax Air Vape Pen is a wax vaporizer you don't want to miss out on.
31 customer reviews

Sol | E-Nectar Collector Dab/Wax Pen Vaporizer

The All new SOL is a wax concentrate vaporizer that heats almost instantly, it has 3 distinct ways to use it. Hidden storage in a ceramic compartment. Coil head cap doubles as a smoke chamber extension. Ceramic and Quartz coil heads included.
38 customer reviews

La Rig 510 e-Nail for Concentrates and Flower Herbs

Formerly La Queef; 510 e-Nail & Flower Herb Vaporizer Tank System makes vaping herb and concentrates extraordinary. The La Rig Black is a new exclusive advanced Concentrate and flower vaporizer blaster. With a power sensitive super coil dual system, you will love it. The Ferrari of 510 e-Nail systems.
63 customer reviews

Dab/Wax Pen Keymaker "Black"

The ultimate high power longer battery life with 500 mah, for discreet concentrate vaping, combining unbelievable long lasting power vapor and extraordinary portability and power in one simple package. 500 mah battery, and 2 special ops coils.  MORE POWER
119 customer reviews

Dab Pen Atomizer Brain Fogger SUB-40 Mini Kit

Brain Fogger Vape Pen Atomizer makes vaping wax and concentrates extraordinary. The Fogger is a new exclusive advanced Wax vaporizer atomizer tank, paired with our SUB-40 Mini Mod.
9 customer reviews

Dab Wax and Herb e-nail | Mig Rig formerly the La Queef

The new Mig Rig e-nail. Presented in a natural cherry stain on old pine timber box. Amazing bubbler and incredible Roman Ionic base. A e-rig kit fit for those who want the best.


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35 customer reviews

CE3 510 Complete Oil Vape Pen Kit


Regular Price: $9.95

Special Price $5.00

74 customer reviews

Bug RX Oil Vape Pen

The Bug Rx Oil Vape Pen is a powerful, miniature 1100 mAh oil vape mod and uses the latest technology with temperature regulation and superior performance in a mini e-Cig device. The Bug comes with a top fill design that makes it much easier to refill. This unit also had a concealing cap. The Bug Rx is reusable for ever!
13 customer reviews

Trap Rx Oil Pod Kit | Concentrate Oil

Trap Rx is vape pen pod system for concentrate oil. This can be used for DIY oil or for dispensaries. Add our luer lock filling injectors. This is a great reusable oil pen system.

Regular Price: $24.95

Special Price $15.95

67 customer reviews

Trap 450 All in One Oil Vape Pen Kit

The Trap 450 Oil Vape Pen is a powerful, miniature 450 Mah oil vape mod and uses the latest technology with temperature regulation as well as 3 heat functions and a pre heat mode. The Trap comes with a top fill design that makes it much easier to refill. Use it over and over again !

Regular Price: $14.95

Special Price $8.95

5 customer reviews

D1 Fillable - Disposable Thick Oil Vape Pen

D1 Disposable Fully charged 310 mah vape pen. This pen is sold with ( NO OIL) You fill your own. Holds 1 Ml of thick or thin oil. 1.2 mm port hole on ceramic coil. Very high quality disposable vape pen. Comes in a plastic tube with reusable rubber stopper.

Regular Price: $9.95

Special Price $7.85

90 customer reviews

Canna Blast Vape Pen Kit CCELL

This slim Design is a powerhouse of energy to make sure your concentrate oils are sucked and vaped to the last drop. No waste vape pen.There is no other device on the market that will perform like this device.
42 customer reviews

Z 3 Temp Oil Cartridge Conceal Cartridge Battery

ZIGI is a simple version 3 temp Oil device. This model is a high output battery. Color options in neon for conceal battery from Mig Vapor.

Regular Price: $24.95

Special Price $12.50

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